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Tomorrow is our DeFi Webinar with some great speakers and content. Learn how to stake crypt for yield and how we approach it at Two Prime from a risk management perspective.

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Two Prime Year in Review

We had a great year!

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I wanted to share the latest updates on Two Prime as we enter into our second year and look back on what we’ve accomplished so far.

Highlight: "The Digital Assets Fund returned 488.6% (net of fees), a 206.7% better return than raw Bitcoin exposure which returned 281.9%"

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Digital Assets For Wealth Managers

Have All Your Crypto Tax and Legal Questions Answered

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and join FisherBroyles LLP Partner Adam Ettinger, Friedman LLP Partner Ryan Spencer, and myself tomorrow at 11am EST to have your questions about crypto tax and legal matters answered.

Institutional Ethereum Report

Downloadable Report

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Two Prime has just published our report on the rise of Insitutional Ethereum investment packed with interesting metrics and facts about this digital asset. You can find it for download here:

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The Rise of Institutional Ethereum

Upcoming Webinar with Abra CEO Bill Barhydt and Genesis Trading's Josh Lim

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